Prestige Cartridge story

We could bore you with another wonderful story telling the company's story only in positive vibe.
We will not do it ... we will put it on the facts:
- we have been a company since 2011
We started as a small local company,
today we carry whole of Europe through Amazon and Ebay.
Our nearly 10 years of experience allows us to guarantee you the highest quality of services.

- we work 24 / h
Yes, its true. Average of response time is under 1 hour.
In order to ensure full comfort, we guarantee full customer service 24 hours a day

- People = our success
Yes, in each of the company's departments from the manufacturer, people are standing for the packer. Thanks to this, each of your purchases is the most important task for us and your opinion allows us to constantly develop.
Your satisfaction is most important to us

- We're not perfect.

Yes, we admit it.
However, not everyone has the courage to do it.
Nevertheless, we can guarantee you that our highly trained staff will fix any mistake and can solve the most difficult situations. We are here to help you.

The store offer is not enough for you? Or maybe you just want to talk? Contact us using the form or by mail. Everything is in the "contact us" tab.
We are waiting for your message.

The Prestige Cartridge team