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Dafi inline filters

Check out the range of Dafi water flow-through filters at the Prestige Cartridge shop. From now on, your tap water can always be fresh and clean! By using water flow-through filters, you can be sure that all contaminants will be removed from your tap water. There are several variants among water flow-through filters. The first is a carbon filter, which will significantly improve the taste and smell of tap water and thus increase its quality. Another variant will be a resin water flow-through filter, which will effectively protect household appliances from scale. The polypropylene filter filters the water mechanically, i.e. it removes sand, rust, gravel as well as impurities leaking from the surface of hydraulic systems or grease.

Thanks to the nitrate filters, nitrates will be removed from the water, which in high concentrations can be harmful to health, especially for small children. Nitrates can mainly come into the water from fields and cesspools, so this filter is especially recommended for detached houses with their own water outlets. Take care of your health and that of your loved ones, drink only purified water, at least 2 litres a day.