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Prestige Cartridge is a brand that has been on the market in the UK for a year, a huge number of consumers have trusted us, we are constantly working on improving the quality of our services, we care above all about professionalism and satisfaction of our customers. Prestige Cartridge shop offers buyers a wide range of replacements for laser and inkjet printers, as well as accessories such as printer drums, laminated tapes or printer rollers. 

Toner cartridges – the basic elements of a laser printer

Toner for the printer is an element that should be replaced systematically – a laser cartridge is filled with toner (colour powder), the laser light transfers toner particles to the paper, thanks to which we get a clear printout. Although laser printers are more expensive than inkjet printers, thanks to higher toner performance, they are cheaper to use and importantly, toner does not dry out, so we do not have to worry that we use the printer too rarely and toner will lose its properties. Usually, toners are very expensive, so it is worth looking for substitutes that will not affect the quality of the print. We offer only proven products of the highest quality. 

Check out our best-sellers in the Toner cartridges category, such as replacements for Brother toner cartridges or HP toner cartridges. 

Ink cartridges – a wide range of replacements for inkjet printers

Inkjet printers work best in colour, these types of printers are ready to work almost immediately after start-up, thanks to the inks the quality of print in colour is higher while printing the ink droplets are shot on paper under high pressure. The biggest advantage of this type of equipment is the price, usually much lower than in the case of laser printers. Inkjet printers are most often used at home, it is worth remembering that in the case of inks it is quite important to use the printer frequently, so the ink does not dry out and does not lose its properties. Inkjet printers and inks for these devices are usually cheaper than laser models; however, it is necessary to replace the inks more often, so the maintenance costs of the device may increase significantly, so we come up with a proposal of ink replacements for printers compatible with many well-known brands. Our products have a warranty, which is undoubtedly a great advantage when choosing replacements from a proven source. 

Our cheap inks for printers are not only at a good price but are also of unique quality, which many customers have already experienced.

Check out our best-sellers for HP ink cartridges – these are the most frequently chosen products by our customers, we also offer replacements to Epson printer ink and high-quality replacements for Canon printer ink. 

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Other accessories at Prestige Cartridges shop

Our shop also offers laminated tapes and printer rollers. Check out our range of accessories and enjoy extra low prices! 

Quick delivery and warranty on purchased goods

In the UK, we guarantee free delivery on all orders. Within Europe, free delivery is offered for orders from £60.Our products have a 2 or 3-year warranty – you can check the detailed warranty information on the product pageRemember! We will be happy to help you choose a product, so if you are wondering which ink or toner will be compatible with your printer, consult with us and we will definitely help!

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